Monday, 8 February 2010

Are you a WARRIOR?

Every piece in Jean Paul Gaultier collection had been complexly weaved or structured to create a rough warrior look. However, at the same time the neutral colours used on each garment mixed with the weave technique and the paper shape leaves brings a more natural or pure element to the harsh exterior of the warrior style. Creating this unusual but inspiring, edgy and calm appearance.

Designer Inspiration:
As soon as I saw Jean Paul Gaultier collection I immediately thought of Rodort. As one of the dresses they produced are similar to Jean Paul Gaultier design as they are both are shaped the same way; weaved with strings hanging loose at the bottom making both of the models look like they go on forever!
But as one can easily tell Jean Paul Gaultier is a much neater version of Rodort design.


  1. Yes, 3 hours of movie arent easy.. but i found it cool the end i got to run to the toilette..xD

  2. I could see lady gaga wearing all of these lol!

  3. I love Jean Paul Gaultier, but I was scared to find out that he brought back the Madonna cone bra!

  4. Jean paul gautier... AMAZING.

    Thanks for your visit on my blog ! see ya soon

  5. He's a great fashion designer..!
    Thanks for visiting our blog and thanks for your lovely comment!
    Now we follow your pretty blog.. hope to find you among our followers too!


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