Sunday, 14 February 2010

In memory of Alexander McQueen 1960 – 2010

Words can not describe his creative impacted on the fashion world. He always came out with something new and different. Just when you think he could not have thought of something new and better he always surprised us. The fashion industry was so lucky to have such a talented, unique designer.

My favourite McQueen moment:

Autumn / Winter 06
Kate Moss appears as a giant hologram above the catwalk, GHOSTLY!

Spray paints - McQueen get models down and dirty!

Fall 06 Studded, edgy, gothic ...est...dress!

And who can forget his gigantic Monster Inc like shoes?


  1. A great loss that has left a horrible void in the world of fashion! He was a true artist!

  2. That hollogram looks so real, almost as if you could touch Kate Moss.


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  4. You've chosen the best photos and video that could represent him!


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