Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sports Lux & The Fabric Of The Moment: Neoprene

One of the major players in the SPORTS LUX trend is neoprene fabric. In case you don't know what that is... the fabric is generally use for wetsuits the thing you wear if you would go rafting. As the fabric is often padded out with foam creating its thickness I am sure will see more of it on the catwalk for the September autumn/winter collections. If you want to get ahead of the curve I've created an affordable buyers high street guide...

I keep on seeing Clover Canyon name pop up everywhere her whole summer 2014 collection was made out of printed neoprene and is around the £200 price mark. The prints remind me of Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto. The strip and neoprene are the perfect mix for the sport lux trend. For a special occasion its not such a bad price to invest your money it!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Central Saint Martins BA SS15 - Graduate Class of 2014

My favourite fashion designers of CSM graduates:

1. Richard Quinn:
His collection was inspired by things that rip and tear. He started of his research by defacing old couture imagery, tearing L'official photocopies in half and glueing them together to create new garments. His collection almost takes the mickey of couture. One reported even named his collection cracked couture!

All the garments besides the jacket are made from calico and hand painted straight on made up dress like an artist with a canvases.

There is a great interviw with Richard Quinn here:

2. Daisy Collingridge
Daisy Collingridge collection reminisce childhood bedtime with cosy quilts, pillows, slippers and stuff teddy bears. Weirdly though she claims here inspiration cam from visiting fames and seeing the quitted rugs places underneath saddles on horse. Anyway it created a beautiful collection!

3. Quoi Alexander
Alexander silhouettes were woven with a tribal vibe. The collection was inspired by the work of artist Xu Bing who created beautiful books and scroll written in what look like Chinese writing but when examined closely one realise it doesn't have any deeper meaning. This translated to highly detailed garments without a particular theme. 

There is a great interview with Quoi Alexander here: