Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cheryl is not the only one who's influencing fashion on X Factor

I was feed up reading all about how pretty and stylish Cheryl is. So I decided to write about another person on X Factor who knows how to strut their stuff, well really his hair. Anyway I am written about the last person you would expect to be fashionable, Jamie Archer aka Jamie Afro.

Louis Vuitton must been a fan of Jamie Archer as he has take up on Jamie’s 80’s style with the big crazy hair and the flimsy scarf hanging from the back.

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Monday, 26 October 2009

Teen Vogue: Fashion shots?

As much as I love Teen Vogue I can’t help noticing how they seem to always have ugly pictures of teen celebrities. Teen Vogue makes the impossible, possible by making the most gorgeous and stylish faces look awful. If they style these teens deliberately to make them appear repulsive showing these celebs are not attractive, there is only one word to describe Teen Vogue as cruel. However if these pictures are unintentional, it is very worrying as Teen Vogue obviously need to re-think what went wrong or who’s the blame: stylish, photographer, hair and makeup est.

Why it doesn’t work: Talyor Momsen usually has such nice, thin, shinny hair but in the Teen Vogue photo her hair seems puffy almost like a shag dog.

Why it doesn’t work: Selena Gomez pose looks uncomfortable and her punky, retro style is not translated on the Teen Vogue fashion spread. Additionally the puffs sleeves make her body look out of proportion.

Why it doesn’t work: Esmee Denter rich skin tone and great figure is not shown in Teen Vogue photo as she wearing baggy clothes. Her outfit does not work as baggy with baggy gives a boy like shape. Furthermore, the combination of her too big turn ups and the awkward length of the trouser don’t compliment the sandals well.

Maybe that why Teen Vogue always cut models heads off in photo as they are not capable of taking a decent picture with them!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Another shoe!

If you have been looking at home decorations magazines you would have know that brocade wallpaper is highly in fashion and is vital when decorating your house. Acne has obviously been doing its research as they taken up on the lasted home decoration trend. Acne has designed a fabulous brocade shoe that is a cross between a clog and Alexander McQueen shoes on the post below. Ironically these shoes are probably just as uncomfortable to wear as a clog. This brocade shoe will give you the hint of pink to lighten up your dull winter wardrobes. The brocade pattern gives a vintage feel to the shoe. Brocade is a classy pattern therefore, you have to dress it with a sophisticated outfit or it would look terrible.

Pink Brocade look:

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

The height to perfection- Skyhigh 12 Inch boots hit the catwalk

Last night, Alexander McQueen showcases his new collection in Paris. The models came out, in mini dresses, reptile-patterned, digitally printed dresses, with their long legs sunk in cartoon like boots that looked like it been bored from the film Monster Inc. However, these weird, odd, unusual boots looked fantastic with his collection as each one had been designed to match a specific outfit. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine seeing copies in high-street stores any time soon!

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