Saturday, 28 November 2009

Stabbing to the limit

We all know to look beautiful and fashionable you have to suffer but is this pushing it? This Alexander McQueen dress is pushing or in this case the sharp studs are stabbing the bounders of this season rock chick look. This edgy (edgy meaning literally) fashion shot is taking for iD latest edition of their fab magazine. The sad thing is you want see any copies of this. As giant, sharp, studs sticking out from a dress will never be solved in high street stores. But stubs are coming more in fashion so you might see more garment inspired from this unique dress. Even if you hate the whole punky look you can not admit you are not inspired in the slices. I am, but you can probably tell from my whole blog I love this whole kind of look.

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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Must have: Leather taking over

Replace anything denim for leather as the darker, shiner and edger the better for this winter. It not only jackets that turned leather it has taken-over everything from dress to gloves to bangles. So get your goth on!

The leather high street buys:

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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Fed-up with cocktail wear?

It seems like I am not the only one who is fed-up with typical cocktail wear! Balenciaga spring 2010 collection has decided that the fashion world has also, had enough of formal wear too. Instead of the usual, Nicolas Ghesquière has designed his catwalk clothes with an urban, street twist. The highlight of the collection was the strange jackets, made from various different natural and recycled materials.

Monday, 9 November 2009

We are not the only ones cutting back...

In the midst of the credit crunch it seems like all the rich and famous are still speeding as they please, all the rest are hopelessly look for money to suddenly re-appear. However, Viktor and Rolf have decided to cut back too. So, what better way for a designer to cut back on their clothes line by literally soaring through random lumps of fabric on their couture dresses, or in some cases allowing a mouse to nibble through it? Only would Viktor and Rolf have the guts to actually cut their dress in half to appear as if the dress is floating. Some of the cut works on the skirts are unsymmetrical making the models look as if they are levitating. The whole collection has a very fairy like and magical feel.

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Chanel Classify Clogs Classy!

I was so surprise when searching the web to come across clogs on the runway especially since the designer who though of this is no other than the traditional, typical designer Chanel. Channel has always kept to the more sophisticated, classy, safe look. So I was please to see that Channel has final took a risk in the clothes line. I hope it pays off.

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