Saturday, 7 November 2009

Chanel Classify Clogs Classy!

I was so surprise when searching the web to come across clogs on the runway especially since the designer who though of this is no other than the traditional, typical designer Chanel. Channel has always kept to the more sophisticated, classy, safe look. So I was please to see that Channel has final took a risk in the clothes line. I hope it pays off.

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  1. As much as any girl including me loves chanel I really can't stand clogs. They're even uglier than ugg boots

  2. I like how they are tight at the top on the shoe, not like normal clogs that are wide and clunky. The tight top and the big wedge making the shoes look more edgy.

  3. i personally don't like these :( i usually love chanel but these....they seem too tacky to be chanel. but it is definatly good that chanel is stepping out of its comfort zone!!
    Lily @


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