Saturday, 28 November 2009

Stabbing to the limit

We all know to look beautiful and fashionable you have to suffer but is this pushing it? This Alexander McQueen dress is pushing or in this case the sharp studs are stabbing the bounders of this season rock chick look. This edgy (edgy meaning literally) fashion shot is taking for iD latest edition of their fab magazine. The sad thing is you want see any copies of this. As giant, sharp, studs sticking out from a dress will never be solved in high street stores. But stubs are coming more in fashion so you might see more garment inspired from this unique dress. Even if you hate the whole punky look you can not admit you are not inspired in the slices. I am, but you can probably tell from my whole blog I love this whole kind of look.

click on photo to enlarge and see details


  1. Stimulating blog post! I love that McQueen piece

  2. Tqks for youre comment at my blog (beauty-exotic.blogspot),, about my eye lashes..(My secret every night when im going to sleep I put some vaseline on my lashes.. and they become now very strong en long)

    But anyway I love youre blog,, it's beautiful..I became one of Youre Followers :P
    Can you also follow mij Blog: I would appreciate that ,

  3. this is an amazing top ! the studs are rad .
    thanks for ur comment on my blog too :)
    i've got a new post up :D

    sure i'll follow you .
    mind following me back ?

  4. love mcqueen. he always pushes the boundries. love his shoes this season.
    I'm gunna follow you, follow me back ;)

  5. Hard. Core. Wasn't Rihanna wearing this awhile back?

    Have you seen the lingerie giveaway I'm having on my blog? I'd love for you to enter! :-)

  6. ahhhh this is so pretty ! this picture is crazy ! <3



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