Sunday, 13 December 2009

We all need to grow up at some point

When growing older you have to give up some of your possessions in order to mature. For example you have to give all your cute teddies and mainly if you are a boy, action figure dinosaurs away. Since I was a tom boy when I was little I had to give all my teddies and dinosaurs to my young siblings :( . The sad thing is that according to Giles Spring 2010 collection it is anything from immature as he shows his models walking up and down the catwalk holding triceratops teddy like bags. When ever I imagine or picture a sophisticated, posh lady who can afford the top designer piece holding these bags I can not help but crack-up.

Click on the picture to enlarge

P.S. Sorry I did not have time to post last week. I had to revise for my mocks as I did not know a single thing for them.


  1. i love those flashy colored fabrics worn with muted tones !

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  2. i love the concept. and the bags are too cute! i would love to have one. the make believe land will always be a part of us. =)

  3. you have to admit, they're pretty funny. cute tho :P

  4. yay to those highly sophisticated clothes, nay to those teddy-like bags when you want to appear as a lady ;)
    you're right girl.

  5. i Love the 3rd look and nice blog girl..i'm followin you


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