Monday, 24 December 2012

Uni - Cloning Project

I just started my first year in uni studying fashion design so hopefully there'll be many more of my own design posts to come! I decided to looking in to the idea of cloning for my first project not really sure why but though it could be a cool interested topic to do. 

My Inspiration Board 

My Final Design

The design came from the idea of cloning the limbs so on the top I cloned the neckline by mimicking its shape through the curved panels and for the skirt I made an overlay that split in the middle to clone the shapes of the legs. 

I am quite please with the overall outcome not sure however, if the top and skirt goes so well as both garments are baggy. Please tell me what you think though would love to know other peoples views? 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Doctor Docter

Forget the satchel or briefcase this season is all about accessorising your outfits with the Docters Bag and forget the geek trend it all about being ultra clever think med school.
Keep an eye out for this trend as it's going to hit stores everywhere!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Round up of all the things I missed!

Sorry I have not posted in ages I just going to do a quick round up of all the thing I wanted to post but actually never got round to posting. Here it goes....

Sass & Bide S/S 2012 - Children arts and crafts became an elegant wardrobe choose 

 Carven A/W 2012 Campaign - Hidden colours pop out from underneath your clothes...loving the jumpsuit!

Numero October 2012 Photo Shot - The model poses in front of a backdrop of classic paintings giving these designer dresses a feeling of timeless elegance and wealth. A truly original photo shot. 

 Valentino Pre S/S 2013 - The perfect combination of fabric and embellishment creating its very own pattern 

J.Mendle Pre S/S13 - Giving structures to flowers 

J.Mendle Pre S/S13 - The natural transition from pleats to gathers no one does it better then J.Mendle!

Ann Sofie Madsen S/S 2013 - Danish designer shown here very edge fashion forward versions of an inspired bird, human and fish dress

Please click on each photo to enlarge - this will show you more details you don't want to miss!