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Bryan Morel PR Tweeted Me

She tweeted my sun glasses post on her tweeter account @BryanMorelPR 

Rank One of the Top Witty Blogs 
Witty Sparks ranked my post on Corrie Nielsen Winter Catwalk Show as one of their favourite blog posts

Quoted in Shally Chown website 

I was quoted in upcoming designer, Shally Chown website:  

Review by

I know it's no much but I was really proud when I read the review. Well it is a start!

This blog is the brainchild of a teenager that defines herself as "possessed by fashion ", and that certainly shows in the exhaustive coverage she gives here. The posts are funny and informative in equal measure, and events of note are covered. As a matter of fact, anything that has to do with fashion has a nice niche in here...

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