Friday, 31 July 2009

New Prints

Catwalk report 2009
Pick your favourite! I have a feeling your see more like these next year in high street store so here your chance to set the trend!

Spring collection
Shattered glass

Spring collection
Collaged Prints

Fall collection
Blurred flowers

Here is my own print
Blurred flowers- Inspired from Erdem


Hey, I do not know if I will be any good at starting up my own blog, knowing what to say and all the rest. But I am really excited to share my odd view on fashion with you, well my idea of it anyway. I am going to already apologize for my terrible spellings, grammar, tenses, punctuations and well anything to do with writing. My English teacher already told me I am going to fail English so that why I giving you a warning before you start reading my actual posts. However, I love fashion and I am becoming more and more addicted to it every second of every single day so please come and join me in my attachment to fashion!