Monday, 12 August 2013

My Internship from Hell!

I interned for 2 weeks with a print designer and it was…how should I put it, an “experience”, let’s just say! I was originally meant to stay for a whole month but these are the many reasons why I could not last any minute longer…

Firstly in the placed I worked the person in charged didn’t like music as she think it bad for creativity so as a result everyone could hear every single piece of gossip and bitchyness being said in the studio making it an extremely horribly working environment.

If you’re not a fan of animals (like me!) you would of hated how there was three dogs and one bird that stayed in the studio during working hours. There was one dog that was particularly scary as it was literarily as big as a lion! AND WORST the dogs were allowed to walk around freely as you tried to work. On my second week one of the dogs went crazy when he saw a dog being walked outside and decided to chase after it and managed to bit of the other dog ear!

Finding out the love story of the boss and her boyfriend was the most interesting yet maddest part of my internship.
·       She meet her boyfriend in france when he was homeless
·       They had a one night stand
·       Resulting in a child
·       She brings him back to England to raise the kid together
·       6ish years later still together, he works for her (my internship starts)
·       He goes to Brazil to sell different prints to clothes company
·       He meets another women in Brazil
·       He then tells all the Brazilin clients to send the money to his back account
·       He comes back to England sell his girlfriend car and run of to Brazil with the other women and the money the company made in Brazil
·       Resulting in the bosses heart break and her decision to quit and let her employees run her company for her.

And this ALL happened in ONLY 2 WEEKS! Crazy no? 

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