Monday, 24 June 2013

GFW - My Personal Favourite

Rebecca Howarth - Manchester School of Art 
Rebecca Howarth collection was my personal favourite this year. I loved her use of volume and layers bringing some what of a more subtle collection to life. Her collection was mainly inspired by antiques and vintage clothing.

Carmina Blank - ESMOD Berlin
The collection had two opposing inspirations:
1) Manufactured perfect geometrical shapes - creating the structure of the garments
2) Natural - nude colours and wooden prints 
The contrast between both these inspiration points is what makes this collection so visually exciting and the reason why it's on my favourite list.

Anna Yates-Housley - Kingston 
Anna Yates-Housley collection was inspired by the dark side of anxiety disorder, Claustrophobia. Her aim was to create a powerful statement that showed the seriousness of this illness and how it can captivate ones body. This created a bold collection that one would not forget!

Lara Waghorn - Rochester 
Lara Waghorn was inspired by a trip aboard to Marrakesh. Translating her what she saw and experienced there in to mesmerising ethical prints.

GFW GOLDEN AWARD WINNER:  Lauren Smith - Edinburgh Collage of Art
Even though Lauren Smith was not my personal favourite I feel I have to mention her as she was the overall winner of GFW. Her inspiration was one of the most original ones; the physical object and it relationship to a sketchbook. Therefore paper clips, scribbles and book binding are enlarge and placed on garments to look out of proportion. 


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