Wednesday, 13 January 2010

We have been exposed...

...I am almost blushing! The latest trend designers have decided to take upon them is to literally strip back the complicated and extravagant catwalk trends we all loved last year and go straight back to basics. Instead of all the complicated embellishments and the exaggerated accessories, the designers have focuses on quality and structure to give each item a feeling of cleanness. The fresh, clean feel to the clothes and accessories make them seem like they have been taken out of a fairytale. The see though, exposed Prada heel (in the picture below) reminds me of the sorts of slippers I use to wear, pretend to be Cinderella with her startling glass slippers. One last thing, this new trend means you no longer have to worry if your e.g. top is see through as you would be totally in fashion!

Click on image to enlarge


  1. i love that collage, very cool! :)

  2. Well it's not ideal for the body concious it it? LOL.

    I'm not particularly liking the yellow bikini, the hat is pretty cool thugh. But I am loving the black dress... maybe I'm just a play it safe girl most of the time but it certainly isn't going to show my parts to everyone! :) xxx

  3. Amazing collage!! You put goether so many of my favorite looks! xoxoxoxo

  4. I think cutouts are a great example of exposed fashion trends. Great college and nice blog!



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