Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Armer, Lace and Game of Thrones

I am so sorry. It's almost been a year since I posted anything. I been so busy with my last year of university that I didn't realised I haven't posted in so long. 

I'm loving Altuzarra latests collections. His collections are super wearable yet still so original and well thought out.  The leather latticework was apparently meant to be inspired by Renaissance architecture. I personally don't see it. Instead it kind of reminds me of armer similar to the what one would expect to see in Game of Thrones.  

 Spring/Summer 2015:

Pre Fall 2015: Joseph Altuzarra seamed to have carried on developing the same trend in his next collection making it even more commercial for the least daring to wear.  

Game of Thrones:

The lace trend seems to appear on the high-street as well. Yet I couldn't find this trend in the top end of high-street such as Reiss and Whistles it a shame as I would like to see what them make of it. I actually bought the H&M dress below I love how there ribbon weaved in-between the cut-outs, on of my favourite buys.  

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