Sunday, 26 February 2012

Corrie Nielsen Autumn/Winter 2012 LFW

I was lucky enough to go to Corrie Nielsen (winner of Fashion Fringe in 2010) Autumn/Winter LFW show at Somerset House. The turnout was amazing I spotted Louise Redknapp and famous blogger Susie Bubble from!The collection was a take on last season netted see though trend. Nielsen however added a winter element to it by laying Scottish material underneath the netting.  

Lanvin Spring/Summer Collection last year:

Corrie Nielsen this year:

This was another outfit from Nielson collection which I wanted to show you as it has a Scottish element to it, but still remains pretty and stylish which can be unusual in Scottish tradition inspired clothing. 

The ending of the show was a big blob literally. I was quite confused why she choose this outfit as the final design as it had nothing to do with the rest of the collection yet when the lights come back on to indicate the ending of the show there was a massive cheer so maybe it’s just me?

I videoed some of the show for you. It's only the ending as it took me a while to notice that I didn't press record haha...well it is better than nothing.  

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