Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ziad Ghanem LFW SS12

I got tickets to Ziad Ghannem show and I did not know what to expect as he is famously known for his odd yet truly original shows. I have to say that his outfits were not the most inspirational and tailored made clothes, however he knows how to put on an entertaining show. Even as we waited for the light to dim and the models to come out the audients were kept interested. All the photographers are usually squashed up at the end of the catwalk one of the photographers at the top was drank and managed to full on everyone else knocking down all the equipment and had to be equated out by security lol.

However, back to the actually show… I love how Ziad Ghannem used models in a multitude of shape and sizes matching their personalities to the designs. Each model also had a unique walk and pose. The models acted as actors to portray a certain character rather than just a hanger for the garments. Furthermore, Ziad Ghannem styled the models with dramatic face paint, tattoos and props creating an almost pantomime atmosphere.  

My favourite part of the show was his painted outfits that looks like it hit an explosion of colours creating amazing patterns and textures. 

Click on images to enlarge it worth seeing!


  1. fab!
    i love it ;)
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    This post is very interesting. He is eccentric, and unique.
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  5. Lovely collage! :)
    This collection is by far the most interesting
    I've seen!

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  6. Good choices!


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