Thursday, 2 June 2011

Bungee Cored - Jump ahead to this latest trend

Forget all the friendship bracelets this summer 
this year it all about bungee cords. A designer 
called Proenza Shouler started this trend with 
her stunning jewellery collection (bracelets 
price around $150). However, if that too much
many high street stores are likely to follow. 
Also you could always try making one yourself. 
You can buy bungee cords from any hardware
store for around £2 a pack. If you do decide to
make a bungee core accessory please email
me as I love the see your designs and I might 
upload it to the site. P.S. I will upload mine if 
I ever get round to making it, I am such a 

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  1. i want the proenza schouler bracelets! i'm your newest follower. it would be lovely if you checked out my little blog x

    here is mine x

  2. I looove those, they are so so so cool!

  3. Oh,those accessories are so gorgeous!


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