Monday, 1 November 2010

Fancy a new job?

Well looks like these designers do...

Rodart - Craftsman

Wood is commonly known as a heavy household material that gives splinters when handled. However, Rodart uses the wood like pattern in a completely different way...they use it for beautiful draped silky clothes. This creates an unusual but clever, aesthetically pleasing design.

Lanvin - Pest removal

Looks like Lanvin needs to remove some pest from these horses...

Lanvin has designed dresses that are accessorized with a leather belt inspired by horses bridle. This gives the flowly dresses, structure balancing the drapes.

The insect jewellery I personally find a bit creepy. I don't understand who would wear it? Most of the time when you see an insect or pest you run away from it or even run away screaming if you are like me. Why all off the sudden like them? To try and overcome your fear? Or because it was shown a few weeks ago as a fashion must have on the show Ugly Betty? Either way I still HATE creepy crawlies!


  1. Thanks for your comment. Great blog. I love the wood inspired clothes.
    I'd love to follow your blog, but I don't use bloglovin, I have added you to my Google Reader though.

  2. the wood inspired clothes are amzing! and i quite like the insect jewellery although it is a little strange :) x

  3. Hi darling! Just to let you know, we changed our blog in
    Hope to see you between our followers!
    Giovanna & Roberta


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