Wednesday, 23 September 2009

25 Years of London Fashion Week, is going to be unbelievably… average!

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see William Tempest at LFW 2010. As it was my first ever catwalk show I had incredibly high expectations, especially since there has been so much publicity about 25 Years of London Fashion Week. The show was meant to start at 8:30 pm however, it began fashionably late of course, making me wait till 9:20. Yet, the show only lasted 15 minutes! The catwalk was just as boring as the waiting line. It was plain white with no decorations, what so ever. The catwalk was extremely short that the models only had to take 5 steps to reach the end. The clothes had quirky integrate details but nothing that the catwalk has not see before, leaving the show very average.

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Why this works-
1. The large dominate bag is balanced by the light, fitted swimming costume.
2. The dress almost looks as if it’s inside out however, its still comes across as a formal, posh dress. This is because the lower half of the dress is less detailed leaving a more elegant feel. The lace still carries on though the whole dress creating a complete piece.

Front row:
Caryn Franklin is a British fashion expert! From fashion editor and co-editor of i-D magazine in the early '80s, she is now most famous for being a presenter on The Clothes Show on UKTV Style and BBC one. She also been the presents of GFW. So it was extremely exciting to see that she was watching the same show as me.


  1. Hey!I'm stopping by b/c you had left a comment on my blog:) I appreciate you coming by.It doesn't get updated that often but I'll try to do it when I remb. Anyway ~ I'm going to follow you OK?

    I wouldn't waste 1 cent on seeing Lady Gaga perform.I honestly do not understand all the hype and the fascination with her.She reminds me a Christina Augliera(in her early years) She's just more garish and she reminds me a cheap attention whore of Christina.

  2. wow how lucky are you getting tickets Im very jealous haha great review BTW send me a comment some time xoxo

  3. Swimsuit is hot and so is Rodarte!!

    One Love,

  4. Love the colour of that peach dress :)


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