Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cheryl Cole Vs Dannii Minogue fighting to be crowned (the unofficial) best dress judge

X Factor audition has started but the lime lights not the auditions but on the off stage drama. It’s only been two weeks since the X Factor started but the killer heels, super-short min skirt and designer labels are out. It’s your turn to take the judging seat on who's the best dressed. To help make your decision easier here some of their X Factor outfits below.

Although Cheryl and Dannii are always on fashion face-off they still share their YSL's tribute pumps which they both wore to Glasgow auditions. However they could not have styled them more differently. Cheryl went for a more punky look and Dannii when for a more elegant and sophisticated look.

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  1. I think that Dannii looks so much better now and it is hard to compare someone to Cheryl Cole who has it all!


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